The novel coronavirus antigen detection kit is coming, and science popularization keeps up!

What are the precautions in the use of novel coronavirus antigen detection kit?

1、 Characteristics of antigen detection of novel coronavirus

2、 Precautions for use

1.    Before testing,      the manual shall be carefully read.    Sample sampling and processing shall be carried out in strict accordance with the manual. Attention shall be paid to the depth of the swab, the part in contact with the human tissue, the contact time, the contact strength, the operation method, the dripping amount of sample extract, and the waiting time for sample testing.

2. Do not open the inner package before it is ready. Use it as soon as possible after opening the inner package.

3. Do not suck the sample with your mouth.

4. When handling these items, do not smoke, eat, drink, make-up or wear contact lenses.

5. Disinfect the spilled sample or reagent with disinfectant.

6. After the test, no matter whether the test result is negative or positive, the used swabs, sampling tubes, test cards and other wastes shall be put into sealed bags and shall not be discarded at will.

7. Do not use expired kits.

3、 How to report adverse events?

      Adverse events of medical devices refer to all kinds of harmful events that occur under the normal use of the medical devices that have been listed and cause or may cause human injury. Common adverse events of testing reagents include non display of results, inaccurate measurement, etc. If the public finds any adverse event when using novel coronavirus antigen detection reagent, they can report it to the registrant (recorder), business enterprise or treated medical institution, or to the local adverse event monitoring institutions,

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