Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

The sampling swab adopts a nylon fiber swab. It has outstanding sample collection and releases capabilities, and the release rate can reach 90%, which is much higher than that of fiber swabs.

US FDA and EU CE certificates

Virus transport tube plus flocked sampling swab

The Viral Sample Collection Kit is designed for collection, transportation and short-time storage of clinical specimen total DNA/RNA of saliva, blood, serum, stool and body fluid, etc. The preservative will lyse the organism and inactivate the cells,bacteria and virus. The stored samples can be used in subsequent clinical experiments such as DNA/RNA extraction, PCR testing orsequencing.


Flocked Swabs

collect and release more secretions and cellular material than traditional swabs
• Sample lutes instantaneously into medium
• Less QNS rejection with DFA
• Ergonomic, anatomic and quantitative

Virus Sampling Tube

• It provides a pH balanced environment and contains antibiotics to inhibit bacterial or fungal contamination.
• Microbeads inside the vial ensure more rapid sample dispersion and elution.
• It allows specimen to be stored in room temperature for 30 days without any change.
• It has a shelf life of 12 months.

Variety of swabs available

Flocked nylon swab

Oral/Throat/Nasal swab

Sponge swab

Nasal/Mouth swab

Sampling process

1. Peel open the pouch2. Collect the specimen by the swab
3. Uncap the tube, insert the swab into the tube
4. Snap the swab at the molded breakpoint leaveing the swab tip in the tube
5. Tightly cap the tube, loose cap may leak in transport